Like a Bird

No, this is not another bird-pooped-on-Falon story! Luckily for me, the most recent droppings have only landed on my towel. Pretty sure I’ve lost count of these by now. If you haven’t yet read about my bird-poop blessings, check it out in Feeling insignificant. Thankfully, this story is WAY cooler than seagulls….

Ever have that dream in which you possess the magical ability to fly? And then disappointment kicked in when you woke up because you didn’t want it to end? I have had that dream too many times to count, and the other day I lived it out in real life. Sounds impossible, I know. I was up, up, up 2,000 feet in the air, gliding around barefoot and fearless. The sun shining, the wind blowing on my face, and a clear view for miles. I felt like a bird… or a plane… or super woman! (Get it?!) It was the perfect day to fly. I definitely had my God-moment up there, taking in the quiet, and staring down at everything below. An entire orange grove looked like it could fit in the palm of my hand, and my friends looked like little ants. The temperature was close to 15° cooler, which was a welcome relief from the heat and humidity on the ground. Have you figured it out? Is the suspense too much to bear?? Alright, I’ll tell you.. I was on a hang glider! Better yet, I was PILOTING a hang glider! Holy guacamole. This has to be the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced. And I’ve been skydiving. Hang gliding is hands down, way more fun. I had a very experienced hang gliding master, Malcolm, giving me instructions in the sky. Within minutes I was twisting and turning and diving in all directions. My favorite thing to do was go as fast as possible, then stall out, which produced a sensation similar to a small roller coaster drop. We kept inching closer to the ground, and when the wheels touched the grass I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed it was over. It was a short 15 minute ride, but I could’ve flown for hours had it been possible. Malcolm and his team at Wallaby Ranch were fantastic hosts. They’ve done tens of thousands of tandem hang glides there since the 90s, and never had any accidents! I felt one hundred percent safe and had an absolute blast. They even fed us brunch that included celebratory mimosas. 10/10, will definitely go back. Who knows, maybe one day I will even fly on my own!

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