Clearwater’s got talent!

So this weekend I had the amazing opportunity to check out the annual Sugar Sand festival on Clearwater Beach! Although I did not have a “God-moment” this time, it was still a super cool experience. I spent some time on the beach with a friend before going up to enjoy the festivities, and nearly had a god-moment watching the sun set. There were hundreds of people lining the shore as the sun sat on the water, slowly sinking behind the horizon. ‘Beautiful’ doesn’t even begin to describe how it looked. The sky was all different shades of blue, purple, pink, red, yellow, and orange. A white sailboat drifted across in front of the sun, which started out a bright yellow, and slowly turned to a deep dark orange as it sank below the surface. I did not take any pictures as I was choosing to live in the moment, but many others had their phones and cameras out for the unforgettable photo op. Seeing that many people from all over the world standing together to witness the beauty of God’s handiwork was so sublime, and filled me with hope for humanity. Afterward, my friend and I headed up to Pier 60 to check out the fun stuff! In addition to the large scale sugar sand sculptures (try saying that 5 times fast!), there were local vendors, artists, bounce houses, street performers, and live music. Perfect for a date day/night *wink wink*. You have GOT to try a donut from the Amish donut stand. They are 100% the best donuts I’ve ever eaten, and big enough to share; unless you’re like me and have a giant sweet tooth that prevents sharing desserts :p   Also, if you see a guy start pouring lighter fluid on the ground, get a front row spot for this. The Dallas and Nick show is by far the best street show performance on the beach. Dallas and his son have amazing stage presence, talent, and are comedically inclined. If they don’t entertain you, nothing will. Of course, then there was the actual Sand Sculpture display. It’s an extra fee to get into, but you get a picture of your experience at the end, and you get to vote for your favorite artists work! Mine was the famous literary writers sculpture. It had faces of popular classic writers, and my new favorite quote by Mark Twain, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness,” which I think is the perfect way to close this post 😉

One thought on “Clearwater’s got talent!”

  1. Falon,
    You are so inspiring!! I feel so blessed to know you as I do, I had a front row seat to watch you grow from a baby into the amazing woman you are! I wish we were still as close as days past, especially after reading these posts. You are a captivating writer and I look forward to reading more and watching as you share your Light and Life and God’s rich blessings therein!! I love you even more today!💗


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