Feeling insignificant

A story about my recent “god-moment” at a small beach

My first post! Please feel free to give any feedback, critique, suggestion, comment, advice, etc. (Unless I’m in the “red zone,” in which case I am super sensitive to criticism. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about!) Thank you for supporting and following me on this mission!

I just wanted to share my most recent god-moment that happened a few weeks ago, at a little place called Fred Howard Park beach. This little gem of a beach is so small and secluded, that some locals still don’t even know of it’s existence. Probably because the most recently voted #1 beach in America (Clearwater Beach!) is only 30 minutes away, so most people (myself included) head over there instead. At Fred Howard, to get to the actual beach, one must drive allllll the way through the winding road of the park, then cross the connecting causeway. Make sure you pay the $5 parking fee, as the parking rangers are on top of it! I know from experience….. Anyway, I found myself a quiet spot on the south side of the beach. The wind coming in from the north is almost totally blocked out by the wall of rocks on this side, which makes it ideal for reading/writing. I brought my prayer journal out there, and a book titled “Called to Create” (I highly recommend this book! It is a fantastic read for entrepreneurs). I finished writing my prayer, and looked out over the horizon for a brief moment. Is it just me, or does anyone else start to feel super small and insignificant when looking out at the expanse of the ocean?? I walked out onto a few of the rocks that are scattered in the shallows, and stood watching the sun set while the cold waves splashed my feet and legs. At first I thought, “Wow, what an amazing gift God gave us with his creation. How can anyone look at this, and think it all happened by accident?!” Then, it happened. My brain shut off. I felt utterly calm, peaceful, and like I was the only person on the beach. My doubts, worries, fears, confusion, negativity, and all the ugly things of the world disappeared instantly, and I felt totally FREE. This lasted for about one deep inhale and exhale of the salty air, and a quick thank you to God, before my brain came back on to ruin it all. I thought about whether or not other people were seeing/feeling this, and then about all the mundane tasks I had yet to accomplish that day; laundry, dinner, paying bills, etc. I walked back to my towel with the intention of reading a little more, but I have this awesome blessing where Seagulls love dropping their #2 on me and my stuff (lol). You might be asking yourself “Why in the world would Falon call that an awesome blessing?!” Fair enough, but I’ve been told it’s a sign of good luck, and it’s happened to me 4 times already….. two of those times, I was on a date, and once I was a moving target! So, if this is going to continue, I figure it’s better to believe it is a good thing, rather than a curse. Anyway, there it is, smack dab in the middle of my towel. I took that as my sign to leave :p

All in a matter of a few minutes, I was reminded of how insignificant I am in comparison to the rest of the universe, and then immediately after, God showed me how important and loved I am by Him. He put his arms around me in a moment, and granted me complete peace when I was feeling small. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world, and my hope is that more and more people get to experience it. And more often!

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